Eureka Hotel Geelong


The history of The Eureka Hotel Geelong

Construction of our original hotel commenced way back in 1850 (completed in 1852) and was named the Eureka Hotel after the world-famous Gold Rush period that was taking place in our state at the time. To this day, the hotel remains the second oldest licensed venue in the entire Geelong region (and you’d never guess which is the oldest!).

Eureka Hotel Geelong

What The Eureka Hotel was known for

The Eureka Hotel has been one of the city’s most popular pubs and night spots for decades, undergoing several transformations to adapt to the times. Originally, it served as a major band venue, hosting some of the biggest bands of the day, including INXS, Cold Chisel, Icehouse, Rose Tattoo, and Australian Crawl, to name just a few. In the late 80s, extensive renovations replaced the low ceilings and sticky floors with a more contemporary ambiance, featuring beautiful wooden bar fixtures and stylish furnishings. The venue changed hands several years later, adopting a sports theme and renaming itself the ESSC, or Eureka Sports Saloon Café. Subsequently, the upstairs area was gutted and transformed into a vibrant nightspot. In 2010, another massive multi-million-dollar makeover revitalised the venue, making it ready for a whole new generation to enjoy.

The Grand Opening

On the 15th of September 2023 Eureka Hotel will re-open as an iconic Australian pub, having journeyed through time and returned to its roots, blending tradition with modernity to provide a pub experience for all who walk through its doors.